How marriage changed my relationship with money

Courtesy of the New York Public Library

Five marketing tools every writer should have in place before publishing their book

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The keys to the independent publishing castle lay in the leg work

Photo by Patrick Fore, courtesy of Unsplash

A country built for protest, yet seemingly beyond reproach

Photo courtesy of Jorge Alcala, Unsplash.

“If you don’t like it, then why don’t you just leave?”

The Privilege of Leaving

Working, gardening, and processing from my postage stamp in Northern Virginia

Friday, March 13th

Author of the recently released poetry collection, Before the Fevered Snow, now available from Stillhouse Press

Moonshine Murmurs: Can you speak a bit to the experience of publishing amid a global pandemic?

Forget dogma, taste often, and question everything

The Mosel River in Germany

“Have you seen the movie SOMM?”

We got this.

How younger generations can conquer the moral narrative

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Meghan McNamara

She/Her. @StillhousePress founding editor, marketing maven, creative writer, book fiend, kitty lover, ardent traveler, sommelier, yogi socialist.

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