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Dec. 22nd, 2020 marks one year since I married my husband — a feat which I felt certain until the very moment that it happened that I would never accomplish.

I have always had a skeptical view of marriage and relationships, driven largely by the poor example I grew up…

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If more than half a decade in small press publishing has taught me anything, it’s that not all writers have a natural knack or intuition for marketing their books. Aside from a few self-marketing savants I’ve worked with, that’s pretty par for the course.

And that’s OK — provided the…

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As writers, we often develop a laser focus on our stories. Whether you’re a devoted children’s book author, the queen of Young Adult (YA) literature, or a murder mystery maven, it’s easy to get hung up on the story you want to tell. …

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“If you don’t like it, then why don’t you just leave?”

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard before, once uttered by elementary school children, and now the rallying response of the conservative American right.

It was only weeks ago — during a moderately heated back-and-forth that began with the United…

This week marked eight weeks since my job became 100 percent remote. That’s 56 days, 1,344 hours, and two month’s worth of hives since I stopped looking forward to my next vacation and started looking forward to the next trip to the grocery store.

Friday, March 13th

It’s the last day in the…

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From the minute details recounted on our Facebook pages to our Instagram “stories,” 240-character laments, and Pinterest-inspired DIY needlepoints, for younger generations, the digital narrative has existed for much of our lifetime.

Social media is woven into the social fabric of our lives. We created it, grew it, and [in]advertently…

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She/Her. @StillhousePress founding editor, marketing maven, creative writer, book fiend, kitty lover, ardent traveler, sommelier, yogi socialist.

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