Maybe We Can’t LiveWithout Amazon

But we can change what we depend on it for

I say it a lot these days: Amazon is taking over the world.

Amazon’s influence isn’t hyperbolic; this company is redefining the way we purchase and pay for almost everything these days.

What started out as an online book retailer has quickly, in the span of just twenty years, spiraled into a nationwide dealer of goods and services. And there’s plenty about that which might give government regulators cause for concern. But what most of the Amazon-consuming public likely isn’t privy to, is the complete lack of regard (or seeming disdain) that the company continues to show the publishing community.

In late March, Coffee House Press also encountered an Amazon “glitch,” which canceled all pre-sales for their forthcoming title, Perennial, by poet Kelly Forsythe. Source: @kellyforsythe_
Source: Swenson Book Development
Amazon’s “Buy Button,” now available to the highest bidder.

I get it: it’s simply easier to buy your books from Amazon. It’s faster, often even slightly cheaper. But lately I’ve thinking about how important ease really is in the book buying process.

Last week, while surfing the web and drinking my morning coffee, I came across a book that gave me that “I have to have this” feeling. I get it often, sometimes twice a week (to my partner’s dismay). I navigated easily to the Amazon site. As a Prime customer, it could be on my doorstep in two days.

She/Her. @StillhousePress founding editor, marketing maven, creative writer, book fiend, kitty lover, ardent traveler, sommelier, yogi socialist.

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